1. Has the ledger board been compromised?
  2. Are the joist being pulled from the hangers?
  3. If the hangers are altered or pulled away from the ledger board, the hangers are now compromised and need to be replaced.


Here is the procedure for footing replacement with GoliathTech Helical Piles​:

  • The structure needs to be supported or “temped up.”
  • Remove the supporting posts.
  • Remove the original footing from the ground, including any bell at the bottom. This will need to be either hand dug or removed with heavy machinery.
  • Installation of Goliathtech​ Helical Piles by GoliathtechMN​ to a depth below the original footing depth, continuing on for at least an additional 42-60 inches to meet the frost protection requirement.
  • Installation of piles to an existing deck required at least 7 feet of clearance​ for our equipment.
  • Original hole will need to be backfilled with a course material (not the original soil) and compacted to resist any lateral movement after​ installation of piles.
  • Supporting post to be re-installed and attached to the structural beam above.
  • Structure can now be set back into place and leveled with the patented​ u-bracket, supplied by Goliathtech​. Re-evaluate any changes to the ledger board, joist and hangers.


Option: There may be a possibility of redesigning the deck framing to bypass the existing footings. Contact your local Building Department or Contractor of choice.